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[Pinned] Class Guides - Best of the Official Forums

Overview of ClassesHow to Choose the Right Class? by HitenAssassinAssassin Class Guide - Archangel's Guide to Daggers, Chains, and Poisons! by ArchangelAssassin PVE Guide: Stats, Gear, Cultivations, Rotations by 3ggBlademasterBlademaster by MavenB...
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[Pinned] Useful Links
Gameplay Information

[Pinned] Useful Links

This post will be for useful links! If you find something on the web that can help people out, please post underneath and then alert me so that I can update this page.Mythos Panel GuideHarvesting Points
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Guild Merchant Run

How I typically run the Guild Merchant Quest:Since you earn notes equal to 10% of what you earn for the Guild, this can be a good source of money!
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Material Gathering Nodes

Work in Progress! I will be working on locations of gathering nodes for crafting materials. If I have missed an area, or you feel an area is inaccurate, please send me a message with the missing information and I'll update. Thank you!This interact...
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Gameplay Information

Dungeon Limit List

Darkfall Story | Min. Lvl 20 | Party Size 1 | Limit: 99/Day Normal | Min. Lvl 20 | Party Size 5 | Limit: 5/Day Hard | Min. Lvl 30 | Party Size 5 | Limit: 5/Day Misty Hollow Trial | Min. Lvl 25 | Party Size 5 | Limit: 1/Day* Normal | Min. Lvl 45 | ...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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